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Pantree - The best store to buy wholefoods online.

Buy wholefood online

We are a zero waste - organic whole foods store.

"It's just one plastic bag" said a billion people every day...
A small family owned business operating out of Camden NSW. We live and breath the sustainable lifestyle. From a hospitality and small business background. Pantree has become our passion and future.
We hope that we can deliver to you the best products and service in the country. 

We are a real organic grocery store in Camden. We are 3 years young and have just recently taken our organic wholefood online. Thanks to improved systems and accountable tracking, we are able to offer an online service so that we can send the majority of our products country wide. We would not offer online if we did not believe the service to be practical and affordable for our loyal customers.

Recently with the lock-downs, things are shifting anyway. Now people are realising they can shop online at and have their order with 1-2 days for a minimal delivery fee.
As things develop, we will continue to make our service better. We want to reduce product prices, reducing shipping pricing and make the whole process as easy as possible.

Our 20litre tubs are filled with goodness, ready for you to stock up on your favourite staples and groceries.

​Every time you shop with us you reduce the demand for big companies to manufacture single use plastic and other unnecessary waste.

We want to see you carrying around your reusable drink bottle and the inside of your pantry looking the way it should. We want to see unnecessary plastic gone!


Buy wholefood online


Our Organic Whole Food Store

Sustainable shopping in the heart of Camden. Quality whole foods online is just the start. Our range is everything from local honey, loose leaf tea, dried mango, through to gluten free pasta. Plus a wide range of eco-friendly and health products, such as bamboo toothbrushes and reusable coffee cups.

We have an ever growing range of products. Since we ourselves personally strive to be zero waste and eat organic where we can. We are actively searching and learning about new products, techniques and recipes. We source our products from reputable suppliers and if one of our items is marked as organic, this is ACO which we believe is the best certification for organic. 

When you visit our Camden wholefoods shop, or you buy online. You are supporting a small local business. We work around the clock to keep this place moving. It gets very busy in store and we are so thankful for all of our customers. We couldn't do this without you. Pantree is the online zero waste bulk food store in the whole Camden area. So we hope that our little store can grow and continue to make a positive impact on the environment and peoples lifestyles.

Thank you
Pantree Team