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How much is shipping?

We ship Australia wide only with Australia Post. Our checkout is integrated with the Aus Post system plus we have a discount rate applied. Postage is calculated by weight, and how far your goods have to travel. 

For a guide, postage costs are calculated by-
500g and under

Between 500g - 1kg
Between 1kg-3kg

Between 3kg-5kg

Then increases in increments of 1kg

For an example.
If your order is 1.1kg total weight. The shipping costs the same if you were to increase your order to 3kg. So think about getting the best value from Aus Post shipping rates

How will my order be packed and delivered? 

Each order is hand packed fresh into compostable brown tin tie sealed bags. If 2x 200g of the same product is order it will be packed in the same bag ( unless specified in the notes for example if its for seperate gifts ) Your order is then packed into a solid cardboard box using recycled packing materials.  

How long will shipping take?

Weekday orders placed before midday will be posted the same day. All other orders plus weekend orders are packed and posted the next business day. Tracking will then be sent to your email so you can track the delivery time. 

Can change or add something to my order?

If you need to make an edit to your order - please do this as soon as possible, this will be on a case-by-case basis depending on whether or not the order has already been packed and sorted for dispatch. Please email or call us on 02 4655 3209 right away.

How can I track my order? 

You will receive a tracking link via email once your order is placed. If you do not receive this contact us right away. 

Why haven't I received any order updates or tracking information?

All tracking information and updates are sent via the Shop app if you have this downloaded ( such a great app for keeping note of your online shopping orders ) or via email. If you have not left us with your email we add your mobile number to the postal information. If you still do not receive any updates please feel free to call us and we will have the tracking information. 

What will happen if I'm not home to receive my order? 

Your order will be left in a safe place or taken to your local post office and a failed to deliver slip will be left for you to collect the order from the post. 

Do you stock more products in-store than you do online? 

Yes! Not everything is available online yet. We also have a wide range of liquids available for refilling such as oils, honey and vinegars in store, as well as personal care items like shampoo, body wash and cleaning supplies.

I got the wrong order, what do I do?

Please inform us right away via email or phone call. Please do not open any of the products. We will work out if it is a courier or packing mistake and will get your correct order out to you asap. 

Something is missing from my order, what do I do?

Please contact us directly - and we’ll arrange either a refund, a store credit or we’ll ship the missing item out directly to you

Why was I refunded partially for my order?

Although we try our best to have our stock levels accurate at all times, occasionally there will be discrepancies and so an item will be added to your cart when it is out of stock or not available for another reason. In this instance we will refund you for the missing items - resulting in a “partial refund” - you’ll be notified via email about this.

What is your online return / refund policy?

We will only process refunds or returns when there is something wrong with the product, with the order or if something is missing.

Is my personal information collected?

No, your information is safe. We do encourage our customer to subscribe to stay up to date with upcoming deals or new products but we do not spam our customers with unnecessary advertising. 




How do I shop in store? 

1.Grab a pen and a paper bag ( we have multiple stations around the store ) 

2. Write the product code on the bag 

2. Fill the bag with as much or as little as you like ( One product per bag ) 

4. We sell a large range of jars and bottles that can also be used to fill. We have the weights of our jars and bottles so there is no need to pre weigh them.

3. Once your done bring your items to the counter and we weigh and you pay

Can I bring in my own jars / containers in to refill?

Yes! We encourage it. Bring in your clean containers to the counter and we will weight them first and note the container weight on the bottom in marker before you fill them. Once you have filled them we just minus the container weight from the total weight. This needs to be done for liquid containers also as we price everything by weight not ml.

What do I do if I forget my jars / containers? 

We have multiple sizes or brown paper bags that you can use to fill then take hope to top up your jars. 

Can I mix different products in the same bag or container? 

Please have a new container or bag per item as most items are different prices and weights. If you would like to make up a gift jar we can help you do this in store by weighing each products prior to you adding it into your mixed jar / bottle. 

Can I return the food I purchased and get a refund?

We do not accept returns on any food items purchased from our store. If a food item is damaged, inedible, missing, or similar - we can look to refund you on a case-by-case basis. A receipt of purchase will always be needed.

What is your in store return / refund policy?

We will only process refunds or returns when there is something wrong with the product, with the order or if something is missing.