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Bare Ginger



Most often simply eaten on it's own. Though for a contrasting crunch, combine your ginger cubes with some crispy nuts and seeds into a tasty, energising mixture. Add it to mueslis, granolas, porridges, energy bars and bliss balls, not only to add flavour but also to maintain moisture in the recipe. Crystallised ginger is a wonderful ingredient in homemade chutneys and dips, or simply pop a handful in a ramekin and add it to your next entertaining platter.

Ginger, Cane Sugar

Serving size: 50 g

Average Quantity

Per Serving

Average Quantity

Per 100 g



693 kJ

<0.5 g

1385 kJ

<1.0 g

Fat, total

– saturated


– sugars


Dietary Fibre

<0.5 g

<0.1 g

40.7 g

40.6 g

9 mg

0.8 g

<1.0 g

<0.1 g

81.4 g

81.2 g

18 mg

1.6 g

Product of Fiji

Bare Ginger