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Online Orders Packed With Zero Waste

By shopping in store you're in control of how your goodies are packed when you purchase them. But when you choose / need to shop online you ask the question "how is my order packed and delivered". We know you are doing your part in shopping eco friendly so we ensure we are doing ours also.

How is my order going to be packed!

Well we have some AMAZING information for you. At Pantree your online orders are packed with ZERO WASTE. If you shop in store you know we only have paper bags or glass jars as options of purchasing our bulk products. We also allow our customers to bring in any containers of their own to refill. 

So its only natural for us to deliver your online orders in 100% eco friendly packaging. 

 We pack your products fresh into a tin-tie window bag. These sustainable bags are poly-lined for freshness (  Polylining is 100% BPA-free ) and can be reused time and time again by resealing the tin-tie. 


We weigh out your order minus the weight of the bag plus a few little extras ; ) because getting a little more than you ordered is better than get less.
Once we have completed packing your order it's time to pack it. If you purchase any fragile items we do our best to wrap them as safely as possible and note on the box that it contains fragile items. This includes milk cartons! Because busted milk cartons is not fun for anyone. 

Your goodies are packed nice and snug and topped with protective packaging to reduce the risk of damage during transit. All of this packaging can be re-used or simple put into the recycling.
Here is a cool fact! Even our tape is 100% recycled FSC with soy based ink. The adhesive is water based. So we just use a damp sponge to add water to the no logo side to activate the stick. HOW COOL
We get our tape from Noissue along with our compostable plant-based mailers.
Once your order is all packed and ready to go we print your shipping label using Noissue labels. These labels are compostable and RSC - Recycled. 
So the good news is, once you unpack your order you can easily reuse all of the shipping materials or simply recycle them!