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Plastic Free July

Join with us and millions around the world as we make small changes to reduce plastic pollution.

Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution – so we can have cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities. Will you be part of Plastic Free July by choosing to refuse single-use plastics?

Being Camden's one and only eco friendly store we are always encouraging our current and new customers to make those small changes to reduce the use of plastic. Our store is full of great quality eco friendly products from personal care products, reusable cups and bottles, cleaning products to waste free bulk foods. 

By being a part of Plastic Free July, you are on the path to living a more Earth loving life.

Last July 900million kg of plastic waste was avoided and that was simple achieved by people reducing single-use straws, bottles, coffee cups, packaging and plastic bags. 


How can you be apart of the movement? 

Simple visit Plastic Free July® and take the challenge via their website. Tell you friends! Get your family involved.  

Here are some simple changes you can make today to really make a difference for a better tomorrow. 

Get yourself a reusable coffee cup. There are so many great brands and styles out there to choose from. Just think, you get to drink your morning coffee + all the other coffee you drink ( no judgement here :D ) in your very own stylish mug plus do your part in reducing plastic. 

Say goodbye to single-use drink bottles. For starters think about the amount money you could save on not buying that bottle of water from the shops when it comes fresh from the tap. Once again the amount of cool reusable drink bottles out there is crazy. Make the small investment now that will last you a long time. Tip: Insulated bottles are the bomb! 

Reusable produce bags are the best. Its so good to see that supermarkets have finally removed single-use plastic bags but having your own produce bags is a game changer. Stay away from pre packaged fruit and vegetables. You can even go that next step and take your bags to the local produce markets and buy fresh and local! Yum thank me later. 

Reusable shopping bags. Umm yes our Pantree market bags are great but anything reusable is still great. Tip: Be quick to let the person serving you know that you do not need a bag. It's sad to see stores put the smallest things in a plastic bag. Crafty people have some fun and make your own out of fabric scraps or old unwanted clothing. These changes don't have to cost you $$$ Another tip: If you forget your bags, simply grab a used cardboard box and fill that up. 

Paper straws are not the greatest we all know that. But knowing that they breakdown mid smoothie is a good sign that they will not last years when they are disposed. Get your hands on a glass, metal or silicon straw and bamboo cutlery set. This will set you up for those take away meals and you will be able to drink all of your smoothie with the one straw (haha). 

Plastic free shopping. Yes its achievable! Visit your local bulk foods store or simple buy online. Reuse old containers or glass jars to fill with goodies. We ship Australia wide and pack your goodies in recyclable paper bags with all reusable materials. Visit your local fruit and veg shop for all of of your fresh product. Visit your local deli and either take your own container or opt for paper wrapping only.  


These few ideas are some ways to get started on your journey to a plastic free life. The list of reusable items for every aspect of your life goes on. In store and online we have a decent range of eco friendly products plus a massive range of bulk goods you can purchase without that plastic wrapper. 

If you shop online with us. Our Packaging is 100% compostable. Some other companies have plastic free products, but then they post it to you covered in bubble-wrap and clear packaging tape. Not us. Our tape is paper, even our Aus Post shipping labels are completely compostable (made from plants). 

The difference is we care. The few extra dollars it might cost us, we get back in multiples by helping our environment.