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Almonds - Insecticide Free


These Australian grown, insecticide-free almonds, have a naturally crunchy texture and more-ish sweet nutty flavour. Unroasted and unsalted, these almonds are versatile in use, perfect for creating nut butters, milks, baked goods, trail mixes, mueslis and more.

Almonds are the super-nut of the tree nut family, boasting a high protein, fibre, healthy fat, vitamin E and mineral content.

Raw Almond Kernels - Insecticide free

Serving size: 100 g

Average Quantity Per 100 g



250 kJ

19.5 g

Fat, total 

- saturated


– sugars


54.7 g

3.7 g

4.8 g

4.8 g

5.0 mg


Product of Australia

Almonds - Insecticide Free