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Amaranth - Organic



Organic Amaranth is an extremely nutritious grain-like seed. Amaranth is naturally free from gluten, high in iron, protein and has more fibre than wheat. The seeds are light brown in colour and are a similar size to poppy seeds. Amaranth has been touted as a super-grain and the grain of the future.

Amaranth was a dietary staple of the pre-Columbian Aztec empire, who believed it had supernatural powers and incorporated it into their religious ceremonies. This ancient crop was "lost" for hundreds of years, and only since the 1960's, following its rediscovery, has it been grown commercially from wild varieties found.

Amaranth can be used to thicken and add protein to a soup or casserole, or alternatively can be cooked and served as a side.


Organic amaranth grain

Serving size: 50 g

Average Quantity

Per Serving

Average Quantity

Per 100 g



777 kJ

6.8 g

1554 kJ

13.6 g

Fat, total

– saturated


– sugars


Dietary Fibre

3.5 g

0.8 g

32.7 g

0.9 g

2 mg

3.4 g

7.0 g

1.5 g

65.3 g

1.7 g

4 mg

6.7 g


Product of India

Amaranth - Organic