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Go for Zero - Bamboo Dish Brush Replacement Head


Did you know bamboo grows faster than trees, uses less water, produces up to 35 times more oxygen and doesn’t need pesticides or herbicides?

This Bamboo Replacement Head is for the Bamboo Dish Brush to reduce waste and extend the life of the handle.

The Dish Brush is awesome at cleaning dishes, surfaces, showers & toilets! It was created using bamboo for the handle and agave plant fibres for the bristles. *How awesome is that!*.

Did we mention they look super stylish in your kitchen?!

Care instructions:

After use, allow the brushes to dry properly by hanging them up or standing them on their bristles so the water can flow from moisture-sensitive areas. Soaking in water for prolonged periods of time is not advised.

How to dispose:

These plastic-free brushes are made from plants, meaning they can return to the earth when you no longer use them.

Handle & heads: 

Option 1: Add to your home compost bins. The bristles will compost in 3-4 months and the handles will take longer due to the thickness, once broken down, remove any remaining metal. 

Option 2: Remove wire and add to your kerbside garden waste/FOGO bins.

Option 3: Combine both methods: If metal is too difficult to remove, add head to compost bin and handle to kerbside garden bin.


Take to scrap metal recycling facility.

Pair this brush with the rest of our brush range and/or the toxin free dish soap for the ultimate cleaning combo Raising Hands

Thank you for reducing your plastic waste, we’re sending you high fives!  To see more of our waste-free range, search ‘go for zero’ in our search bar. 

How to prevent from mould:

  • Store your brush in a dry area, avoid leaving it in the sink
  • Allow to brush to sit or hang with the bristles facing down so the water can run off
  • Place your brush in the sun at least once a week
  • Rinsing after use if bristles are congested

Go for Zero - Bamboo Dish Brush Replacement Head