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Go for Zero - Organic Net Produce Bags 5 Pack


Did you know Australia saved 1.5 billion plastic bags from ending up in landfill in just 6 months? That’s awesome, now let’s keep improving that number!

This set of 5 Organic Net Produce Bags is the perfect alternative to those flimsy single use plastic ones . They are durable, breathable & free from chemicals, making them great for purchasing fruit & veg from your local fruit market. Their draw string securely tightens the bag so you won’t be chasing your oranges around the grocery store (we’ve all been there). Once you get them home you can keep the food inside the bag & store it directly in the fridge or cupboard, as they are!

The difference between the muslin & net style of produce bags is that muslin is thicker and perfect for storing anything that would slip through a net produce bag (rice, nuts etc.).

Hot tips:

  • Can be used as a laundry bag when washing delicates
  • They are also a traveller’s best friend as they can be used to store shoes or skincare products when travelling. I use mine as a wash bag to store dirty clothes!


2 small bags at 20cm wide x 25cm long 

2 medium bags at 30cm wide x 35cm long

1 large bag at 35cm wide x 40cm long

Materials: Made from premium unbleached GOTS certified organic cotton with a sturdy drawstring & wooden toggle.

Packaging: Recyclable & compostable cardboard box.

Care Guide: Gentle cold machine wash with a toxin-free laundry soap & line dry only. Organic cotton material may shrink when exposed to heat.

Pair them with our muslin produce bags & reusable tote bagsfor the ultimate zero waste shopping combo  🙌  Check out our entire range of produce bags here.

Thank you for reducing your plastic waste, we’re sending you high fives! 🙏 To see more of our waste-free range, search ‘go for zero’ in our search bar. 

Go for Zero - Organic Net Produce Bags 5 Pack