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Go for Zero - Tongue Scraper - Silver



Take your morning routine to the next level!

Tongue scraping is an effective and fast way of removing the nasties (debris, bacteria, and dead cells) that cause bad breath from the surface of your tongue. It also clears the path for your taste buds, improving your sense of taste.


  • Freshens breath by removing built up bacteria
  • Improves sense of taste
  • Durable & plastic-free
  • Increases your kiss-ability (ha ha we definitely made that up)

How to use:

*Please note that tongue scraping should be an addition to your oral care routine, not a replacement*

  1. Relax the tongue, use two hands & place the scraper as far back as comfortable on the tongue
  2. Lightly apply pressure & pull forward in a scraping motion
  3. Try not to feel too grossed out when you reveal the ’gunk’ that is now on the tongue scraper
  4. Rinse and repeat 5 times or as needed
  5. Find someone to smooch 😘

*It is recommended to do this before brushing twice a day.

Care instructions:

Wash with soap before and after use. Store in a dry place.


15cm long x 7.5cm wide (at widest point)

Go for Zero - Tongue Scraper - Silver