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Indian Black Salt


Indian black salt also known as Kala namak is a complex compound packed with a range of minerals. Like other salts, it is mainly composed of sodium chloride, but you’ll also find traces of iron sulfide, which provides its pinkish hue, sulfur compounds, which impart a distinct savoury flavour that is reminiscent of eggs, and acidic bisulfates and bisulfites that contribute a mildly sour taste.

Kala namak is widely used in Southern Asian cuisine, such as those from Bangladesh, Nepal, India and Pakistan. It is a central ingredient in chaats, chutneys, raitas and many other savory Indian foods. Because of its rich mineral taste, it is excellent as a condiment too, particularly good in salads and on fruit.

It is also popular with vegans who are looking to bolster a meal with the flavour of eggs, but cannot eat the real thing. Try it on tofu, roast veggies, sandwiches or just about any other vegan dish!


Indian black salt 

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Indian Black Salt